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An alternative to "Business as Usual"


The Summer of Community project is an opportunity for us to put what we have learned about community building into practice. A number of our graduates come away from the course with a lot of new skills, inspiration and hope, but still unsure of how to put them into practice, unsure of how to answer the question ‘what next?’ 
The answer is simple - take action and connect - but often hard to implement. It can seem daunting to reach out to strangers, so the Summer of Community is a chance for us to collectively push past any fears we might have and strike up conversation with those in our local area. It is a chance for us to call upon the power of the Trust the People community and bring together course participants, collaborators and Hive support systems. We want it to become  a celebration of community action around the UK.
Will you join us?


Our hope is to see people taking advantage of the easing of lockdown to reach out to others in their community, to collectively take stock of what has happened and move constructively forwards. We have the potential to offer an alternative to ‘business as usual’, to avoid a return to the old ways and create something founded on care and connection instead. There are over 2000 of us in the TTP network, multiple Flatpack councils and over 30 Climate Emergency Centres. Imagine if our whole network worked together on this plan and turned this summer into one of community ? Join us in connecting with others, spreading inspiration, and putting a different way of being into action.



You don't have to be a course graduate to participate: anybody with a neighbour and the desire to be kind can get involved (that is just about everyone!). From offering plant cuttings to neighbours, to signing up to a local social media page or hosting a street party, we can all do as much or as little as we want, while still having a big impact.
We have put together a heap of resources to guide you during this Summer of Community, as well as a bite-sized course on community building for those who prefer to have some more guidance on this journey.
Check them out and create your own game plan!

Upcoming Events

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