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Our team has put together a free course to help spread the knowledge and skills needed to step into our  community power and transform our society.

The programme is composed of five modules, laid out over eight weeks. All of the content is available online and for free. On the course, you will learn a range of new skills, meet others committed to building a better society, and hear about the incredible work community builders in the UK and across the world are already doing. Most importantly, you will have an enjoyable, uplifting and potentially life-changing experience.​

Learn the skills you need to encourage democracy at a local level and be the change you want to see.



By signing up for the course, you will:

  • Get access to a range a free resources;

  • Participate in well-facilitated and thought-provoking workshops;

  • Have stimulating conversation with others who are interested in shaping society for the better;

  • Be given the opportunity to connect with yourself;

  • Gain ideas and practical skills on how to help your community;

  • Gain mentoring assistance from especially set up support groups and from the TTP team;

  • Enjoy yourself!


The modules are delivered in a specific order, but we encourage attendees to return to exercises and workshops whenever they feel the need. Not everything will be useful for everyone: we really encourage people to pick and choose, and use whatever is relevant to them and their context. 

Much of the content also focuses on understanding yourself and engaging in self-reflection. This in itself is an ongoing process that we encourage you to return to as and when you need. 

We are also very keen for people to share their ideas with us – we have spent time constructing these resources, but their content is not comprehensive, so we welcome contributions and co-creation.


Stay up to date on out courses, projects and community transformers.

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