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Co-initiator, Course Co-ordinator, Content Developer & Facilitator

I am very grateful to have been part of the TTP team since the beginning and, honestly, I have never worked with more incredible people. I love writing content, facilitating sessions and just generally chewing over how we can shape the world we want and need. It's been a wonderful journey so far and I know this is just the start...

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Co-initiator, Content Developer, Futures Strategist & Facilitator

I was lucky enough to be around when TTP was born. I’ve been helping shape the content of the course, running workshops, connecting with other groups and organisations and generally scratching my head about how we might actually build a new democratic society in the UK and around the world from the bottom up. Some little scribblings on that here and here



Co-initiator, Co-ordinator, Facilitator

Trust the People gives me hope that our troubled society can change. I'm so grateful for the incredible people I've met through TTP, all of them trying to make things better, and having a lot of fun on the way!

'We won because we loved life more', Vaclav Havel. 

Join us!

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Being invited by Greg, one of the co-initiators to join a group wanting to build a human-centred democracy, was the best thing that happened to me in 2020! Since then as TTP emerged and grew I’ve had immense pleasure in contributing skill and perspective honed over decades of being a trainer, support-group leader and mentor, and learning a lot about community organising in the process. The journey continues, the ambition grows!



Finance and Fundraising, Wellbeing, Welcome

I have a campaigning and legal background, and joined the TTP team in October 2020. I found myself in a team of such amazing, resourceful, caring people. The energy is wonderful. It’s such an important project. I initially took on the role of Internal Coordinator and now help with finance and fundraising, and with welcoming new people into the team.

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Co-initiator, Content Developer, Facilitator

I am a freelance democracy facilitator and have been involved with TTP from the beginning. I contribute where I can with designing and running workshops and being part of this amazing team of volunteers. Previously I have developed a community discussion platform called Thinking Box. I spend most of my time trying to work out how to transform our outdated democratic system and also climb mountains.

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Content, Facilitator

I joined the fabulous TTP team after participating in the Spring 2021 course. I spent 35 years living in Belgium working globally with leadership groups focusing on the human side of change. Moving back to the UK led to deeper research and development of various tools in learning transfer and behavioural change. Never has rapid change been so critical, if we’re to find practical resilient solutions to the challenges facing us. My experience and contacts made through TTP has led to me becoming one of the founding members of Climate Action Taunton and the Blackdown Hills Eco Hub.

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Comms, Tech, Facilitator

I’m a Romanian living in London with an education and work experience in IT but extremely passionate about challenging the status quo of our current society, democracy, all related to the climate crisis we are currently in. I joined TTP at the beginning of 2021 supporting mostly technical aspects and my goal is to get more involved in facilitation and to learn as much as possible from the wonderful TTP team.



Website, Video Editing

I joined TTP in the first months of the pandemic as part of the promotions team. Since then, I have been empowered by this wonderful family of people to have a voice as a citizen and to believe that people really are the answer to the crises we face. As one of the youngest people in the team, I feel I have as much of a say as anyone else.

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I joined TTP after enjoying being a participant in one of their sessions. I have learned to facilitate meetings, and help to present workshops. I also contribute my ideas to meetings.



Course graduate, Comms

I joined the wonderful TTP Team after completing the TTP course in April 2021 and I contribute to the newsletter, website and technical support. I am very passionate about changing the existing democratic system (where I do not feel represented), and saving the biodiversity of this wonderful planet of ours. When I am not working in Technology, or trying to change the world, I do yoga and meditate (a lot!).

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Internal Coordinator, Comms, Hive Care

Before joining TTP, I was an IT Project Manager for an oil company but have pledged myself to a lifetime of community service as penance. I co-founded a social enterprise which aimed to help children overcome learning difficulties and now support the coordination of this team. I have lived in Croydon for 25 years and am helping it to become one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.



Content & Faciliation

I signed up to Trust the People during the first lockdown, right about the same time I was discovering my own community on the Ormeau road in Belfast. I joined the first course as a participant and loved it so much, as much for the inspiration as for the fabulous friendly bunch of people, that I signed up to the content team and helped deliver some of the last course.


The Trust the People team is made up of motivated and imaginative people, all trying their best to inspire a better world. But we are by no means experts. Everybody has a little something that they bring to the pot and we are always in need of more support and skills. So if you want to be a part of the change, please have a look at our jobs' board for available roles. If nothing there applies to you, don't hesitate to get in touch and tell us what you would like to bring to the project.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


Trust the People is made up solely of volunteers, passionate people who give their free time to making this movement possible. A donation goes towards helping us pay for our expenses and expanding our influence. It could even support our wonderful team members.

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