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We have a pool of highly professional, experienced and skilled facilitators, who are available both on a voluntary and paid basis, depending on the project and its needs. 
The content of the TTP course means that we often discuss challenging topics - these topics are held sensitively and safely by our facilitation team, who are very adept at creating inclusive and supportive spaces.


Feedback from the course.

‘Being expertly held by skilled facilitators’

‘The immense attention of the Team to inclusion and to everyone's voice being heard. This is absolutely extraordinary and made this group different to anything I ever attended before.’

‘Incredible and professional facilitators. Extremely prepared and positive.’ 

‘The matters we touch upon are really raw. The space you have been able to provide for this feels safe ... The facilitators are amazing and it seems as though we are all here to learn from each other.’


Please write to us about your project and what type of support you need. One of our team will get back to you shortly and we can organise a formal discussion.

Thanks for submitting!

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