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We welcome everyone, regardless of age, race, background, gender and sexuality. In fact, we want (and need) our team to be diverse and inclusive because we know that to really shape a society for all, we need as many voices, perspectives and experiences as possible. We do not want to be an echo chamber, nor fall into the traditional trap of activist circles, which tend to be run by people with the privilege of time. Whilst all roles are currently voluntary, we are applying for funding to ensure that no one is held back from joining the team for financial reasons. Though it has not been secured yet, we remain hopeful.
Looking forward to hearing from you!



2-4hrs/ week

To upskill the movement and our allied community members we are offering a series of workshops as part of the Trust The People project. We need your help running these workshops, you won’t need any particular experience and we will support you in learning the workshop material.  Some previous experience with facilitation is a plus but we can also provide training and support.


If no roles apply to your skills, please submit an open application, listing skills and experience.

Thanks for submitting!

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