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Trust the People has been building up a network of supporters and Community Transformers, all over the UK (and even further afield). We have encouraged the establishment of Hives, local support systems for course graduates; we have collaborated with the Flatpack movement, which has helped independent councillors take seats in their area; and we are launching the Summer of Community project with help from Climate Emergency Centres.

Connection is everything, and we want you to take full advantage.


Check out this map and find community action groups near you! We have listed as much information as we can, concerning our graduates, the Hives, Flatpack groups and Climate Emergency Centres (CECs). You might be surprised by how much is already happening in your area.
You can zoom in and select the icons that you want more information on. If you want to add yourself to the map or help us to complete some information, let us know! And if you would like to be connected to others in your area, drop us an email so we can share your details directly with them.

To visualize certain groups, click on the icon in the top left corner of the box and select which categories you would like to visualize on the map. Although this map is incomplete, we hope it helps to give you an idea of how many movements and people there are around you. Visit our Network page for more connections between community action movements all over the world!


A group of TTP followers have taken to the road and are completing a tour of England (with one stop in Wales). This romp starts in County Durham, travelling down and around to reach London in the space of two and half months. The goal: reaching out to and connecting with young, disenfranchised people in parts of the country that are often overlooked. Through a combination of big public spectacles (park and town square rallies/fairs) and one-to-one encounters (door-knocking, stalling, phone banking), they’ll be mobilising for XR’s next rebellion, Insulate Britain and local community projects, as well as holding assemblies and learning about what people are going through in the UK at this time.
The Freedom Bus might be stopping near you. Make your way over for a cup of tea and a chat!

Log Book

Trust the People are working in collaboration with Climate Emergency Centres to encourage community organising this summer and beyond. If you haven't heard about CECs, they are a free way to repurpose an abandoned building and turn it into a community hub, for whatever purpose your local citizens decide on.

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