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Bringing your Call-To-Action

Who can bring a Call-To-Action?

We are reaching out to groups and campaigns that have highlighted crises or issues, and are taking direct action to target the root of these problems, or building community power and cohesion for more caring and resilient communities. We want them to attend a Crisis Talk that we have organised. [See: Detailed Description of Crisis Talk]

Why bring your Call-To-Action?

There are many reasons, but here are the big ones:

  • Show shared humanity in your struggle - people are sharing a bite to eat and a 30-minute chat, this leads one to put value in the concerns of other campaigns even if they don’t directly affect you. This can shift someone from being ignorant or unmoved to a position of support for your cause. [See Deep Canvassing]

  • Educate people that are hard to reach - the Crisis Talk is inclusive in a way that exposes many non-progressive or radical people to your campaign and those that they wouldn’t otherwise meet. This is a rare space where certain worlds to collide in a constructive way.

  • Recruiting for a campaign - You could grow your campaign! Some attendees sign up to a mailing list of a campaign or offer up time as a volunteer/activist. This may be a totally new world for them and their first taste of activism. Be gentle!

Where does this fit in the Crisis Talk?

  • Introduction/input - Setting the space, ground rules, inviting attendees to testify.

  • Deliberation - 30 mins in groups engaging with one or more questions

  • Feedback/Harvest - The main points from each of the groups are returned to the wider assembly.

  • Call-to-action stories - Campaign groups tell the assembly about the crisis they are facing and responding to.

All attendees will naturally talk about their crises in the deliberation phase, but the 4th phase is a time where pre-selected campaign speakers have a 5-10 minute slot telling the whole group about the crises they face and what can be done about them.

Many of our previous attendees and visiting campaigns have tagged our van.

Previous Call-To-Actions

Thanks to all those who spoke at previous Crisis Talks, including:

Freedom Tour

This summer, the Freedom Tour’s happening. It’s a campaign travelling through the UK, aiming to connect and grow the wider movement for a democratic, ecological and sane society. It achieves this through street canvassing and hosting “Crisis Talk” community events.

(Yes we want people to join us on our own call-to-action!)

Abolish Detention

A group of individuals that stand against detention for anyone, anywhere. We are outraged at the use of detention centres in the UK. This group focusses on the planned opening of a detention centre in Consett, and how we can combat its opening.

Insulate Britain

A campaign to pressure the UK Government to reduce home heating emissions to zero.

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse.

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