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Weymouth, 9-10th August

The Freedom Tour is in Weymouth. Below are our plans.

Today, 6pm - The Crisis Talk

The Crisis Talk will take place at Weymouth Beach. Everybody welcome.

We are holding a space where people can learn about local campaigns that are shaping different spaces and services in Weymouth. Everyone who attends is invited to be in a discussion group that will feedback its conclusions to the wider assembly.

Campaigns we hope to hear from at the Crisis Talk

If you think someone should be telling their story at the event, email or message us on instagram.


The aim of our conversations is for us to learn from those we speak to, exchange new viewpoints and paradigms, and ultimately invite people to the Crisis Talk at 6pm on Tuesday.

Thanks to all the locals that are helping out. Special thanks to Laura Baldwin.

Press Coverage

A few publications decided to write something about our visit:

We also were fortunate enough to be shared on a local Facebook page. All publicity is good publicity, they say!


We are speaking to people around the high street, send us a message on instagram (@freedomtour21) if you want to find us and say “Hi”.

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