Building democracy from the grassroots up.

ABOUT US:                       

TRUST THE PEOPLE is a movement of community builders, open to everyone, sharing tools to help strengthen local communities.


It was born in Extinction Rebellion's Future Democracy hub, but now extends far beyond, and works with other organisations across the UK also seeking to transform the world we live in, notably Flatpack Democracy and Climate Emergency Centres.


Our aim is to build a real democracy from the ground up and to establish compassionate society, that serves the needs of all.

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THE COURSE:                     

OUR TEAM has put together a free course to help spread the knowledge and skills needed to reclaim community power and transform our society.


The programme is composed of five modules, laid out over eight weeks. All of the content is available online and for free. On the course, you will learn a range of new skills, meet others committed to building a better society, and hear about the incredible work community builders in the UK and across the world are already doing. Most importantly, you will have an enjoyable, uplifting and potentially life-changing experience.

Learn the skills you need to encourage democracy at a local level and be the change you want to see.

Read more about our programme here.

Module 1: Explore your identity and learn about bias

Module 2: Practice skills to better discuss your concerns with your neighbours.

Module 4: Learn of the power of people's assemblies and how to organise your own.

Module 5: Combine what you have learnt and strengthen your community.

Module 3: Understand the potential of regenerative culture to help build healthy teams.


"Recommending everyone I know to sign up."

ONGOING SUPPORT:              

YOUR JOURNEY does not end with the course. The Trust the People team is here to support all community transformers in their endeavours.


After graduating, you will be offered the chance to join a "Hive",  a small group of like-minded people who will become your support system. You will be given a safe space to share your ideas and experiences, to ask for advice and build confidence with other community transformers.

WE NEED YOU:                   

THIS MOVEMENT thrives with the contributions of others. We are constantly looking to improve on what we offer, how we work and what we can learn from each other.


Our inspiration comes from your achievements, your stories, your feedback.

So please, send us some news from where you are. Tell us what your community has been up to. What are your plans? And how can we help? Any questions about the course?

Please get in touch!

If you're a group or organisation interested in this project, join our Movement of Movements.