This programme contains a range of resources, including workshops, activities and readings, which are all about promoting community democracy. The series seeks to to enable people to connect with those in their local communities and build foundations of trust; to teach people about people’s assemblies, a powerful form of deliberative democracy that ensures everyone has the chance to be heard, and that can lead to mass collective action and campaigning; and to help people organise effectively in their communities to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met and to create lasting change. 

The programme is divided into five sections, which we have called modules, and is full of workshops, resources and activities for community building, community democracy and community organising. They are free and are ready to use. Not everything will be useful for everyone: we really encourage people to pick and choose, and use whatever is relevant to them and their context. We also are very keen for people to share their ideas with us – we have spent time constructing these resources, but their content is not comprehensive, so we welcome contributions and co-creation.




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