This is our outreach programme, where we source out potential partners who could collaborate with us at Trust the People.


We know that people-powered community action depends on connections, and that meeting people who share your goals can spark magic!


Our network helps to bring together a range of organisations involved in community building, democracy movements and projects, to share knowledge and resources and provide invaluable support and opportunities to budding activists looking for somewhere to put their energies.


There are already hundreds of groups trying and testing new models - from food growing networks, to restorative justice, to citizens assemblies. 

So rather than reinventing the wheel we want to act as a ‘hub’ that can link people together and support a ‘movement of movements'.

Here is a map of our collaborators for you to visualize our networking. If you think your project, movement or organisation should be on there,

please click here to add it to the map!

  • Zoom out to see the map in full, or in to view individual profiles. If you click on the circles you can see the full profile (it will appear underneath).

  • Scroll down the profile for more information about location, contact details, website etc.

  • If you want to filter by one of the fields in a profile, click on the filter icon (the three lines on the right hand side of the map), this will give you different options. You can colour or rearrange the connections to highlight different fields. E.g. if you click ‘connect by’ and select ‘nearest town/city’ the map will rearrange itself according to people’s location.


       If you have any questions please email .

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